Frequently in hoop class you hear someone sputter, “You want me to do what?!? From where? You are out of your ever loving mind. No way can I do that!”

Ok, that “someone” is usually me. After I catch my breath and wrangle in my panic, I tell myself the word YET.

This amazing artist is not me, but this is how I perceive what the teacher is asking me to do. The power of YET in action.

When I say I can’t do something, I pause and remind myself I can’t do it “yet.” Just because I can’t now, doesn’t mean I won’t eventually. More often than not, I CAN DO IT! I may cuss, fuss and bruise along the way, but with help of friends and teacher and maniacal determination, the new component can be learned.

I remind myself that there was a time when simply climbing into the hoop seemed like a daunting task, now I’m learning to hang from my toes, my neck and other crazy parts of my body that once used to be merely decorative.

This is one of the things I love about hoop. It is the ultimate learning curve. You go up, and soon you master a new skill and you are at the top of the metaphorical hoop, then you are sliding down the other side of the learning curve to ignorance, then climbing back up the other side of the circle to knowledge. Chew on that Daniel-son!

So here’s to the power of YET!