Ok, I know, I know. Been absent a long time from the blog, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been laying off the hoop.

The last few months I’ve been exploring new hoop moves, visiting other studios and getting acclimated to a new job.

So, I think it’s best to just sum up. 🙂

March – I traveled to California and visited Poletential to try the aerial hammock. Have to say it was a blast and if you have the chance, you really should try it. It is very similar to aerial silks, except it is looped at the bottom. The teacher, Christina, was phenomenal. Did a great job diminishing my fears and helped me jump right in and give it a try. The students were welcoming and the studio was gorgeous. If you are in Northern CA you must stop in for a class.

It is all about the twirl at Poletential

Let’s  see, the rest of the last couple of months – there have been some new tricks and holds learned. The big lesson that applies to both hoop and life is … commit, find your balance and breathe.

Commit, find your balance and breathe

Whether it’s a new way to do a jade split on the hoop, or learning your way through a new job (which by the way – I love!) So, here’s a pictorial of the last several weeks of March & April. Enjoy! (P.S. at this point it is primarily Patrick and I in this class doing independent study.)

This month, I finished my series at Kara’s Pole Studio, and am now needing new places to hoop. This week I tried Vault Houston, it was very cool. The vibe is extremely formal, but the equipment was drool worthy. (No pix allowed. 😦 Maybe later.) Then, today, Patrick and I gave outdoor hooping at the local park a try and we loved it! We’ll be trying a few parks in the area. Hopefully the horrible Houston weather will be mild.

Til later Gaters! Off to feed my Hoop Monster!