OK – the counting in the headline may need to get phased out. I am so out of count. Any suggestions on ways to move that concept along?

The Wednesday class was me, Patrick and Heaven. After the last 2 weeks prepping for the show, plus our regular life and activities, we were pretty burned out. Determined to be extra fancy fabulous, but definitely burned out.

Not willing to give in to the blahs, we decided to conquer three tasks.

  1. Break down and refine the combo that went like this: chopper up, pull legs through, pike, rotate hips and legs through arms to reverse hang, then reverse it back to pike and come to standing. (For extra credit, we threw in a one knee hang.)
  2. Review top of hoop hangs which we have not worked on since the first couple of classes.
  3.  Share the workings of moves we admire of each others, so there were some split stretches, modified superman combos and a few others.

When it was over – we completely forgot how blah and lame we felt at the start of class. Found the joy! I love it when that happens. So here’s a few photos of what we were working on.