Today was 20 kinds of fun. After missing last Saturday’s class because I was at event trying to get girls psyched about STEM, I was completely in need of some hoop therapy. Today is the class with Heaven and Patrick and we had a blast. We tend to give Kara minor heart attacks because we climb in that hoop and get our Evil Kenievel on.  But I pinky promise – we spot each other and keep each other safe because we want to keep our brains in our heads and our bones in our skin.

Today I worked on three new moves. One was inspired by an interesting YouTube video, the other two are from the methodology book I recently bought. I really need to pick up some gold stars so I can mark off which moves we attempt in class.

So the first move is a variation on a knee hook spin. It’s really pretty simple. You spin forward on the knee hook, but when you come up, you over rotate and point the front leg straight out and rest on the back leg with your arms extended behind you. Here’s a video explanation.

Knee Hook Spin with Leg Extension

As you can see, it’s a simple maneuver and I have some definite refinement to do. I think with some work, this will be a move I really like. The spin is one I used to adore doing in grade school and it makes me feel fearless and flirty and fabulous.

The second movement we worked on was a new hold. This can be done from either the top or bottom of the hoop. You hold with both hands, transition into a Jade split bringing one leg between your hands, then, your rotate your body to the right or left keeping your legs perpendicular to your arms. As strength improves, the artist should be able to do this with only one hand. Yes, I know – pure insanity, but a girl can dream. Here is the move as demonstrated by myself and Patrick.

Patrick Demonstrates Hold with Fancy French Name I Dont Remember

Carrie Performing Fancy French Named Hold (btw - love the leg warmers?)

From this angle it’s difficult to see that the primary hand is between the legs at mid thigh. It was a hoot trying to figure out how to make it work from the drawings in the book, but once we got into position, it’s relatively easy. It’s letting go of that outside hand that will be the doozy.

The third move we worked on required a pound of flesh, or at least an inch of skin off the top of my foot. I have video, and for the sake of full disclosure, I’ll post it. But my implementation is rather sucktastic looking. In my defense – it was only the second time I tried the move, so cut me a lil bit o slack. The essence of the move is that your start with a side sit  in the hoop with your outside leg tucked underneath the top leg. You hold with both hands at the top of the hoop at about 1 and 2. You then roll out of the hoop swinging the top leg forward. To get extra fancy you would do an arabesque before the forward swing. You should not be bracing yourself with your hanging foot. In “theory” it should just be sitting there all pretty and dainty like. My implementation – not so much. But here’s the video link to give you an idea of the flow of the move. I’ll spare  you the pictures of the top of my foot. They be gruesome.

Arm Hang with Pretty Foot in Hoop

Yep, today was awesome with a side of extra fancy. We also managed to review a few of our other moves and expand on moves we been learning. Here’s a video of me working on the back flip from the front hang we worked on last week.

Back Flip with Arabesque and Raised Leg from Front Hang

So to demonstrate extra fancy, here are Patrick, Heaven and Allison (I hope I’m spelling everyone’s name right.)

Thigh Hold Hands-Free

Extra Fancy Man in the Moon

Man In The Moon with Extra Fancy V Split

Front Hang