Research and Development were in the house!

I love how collaborative classes are at Kara’s Pole Studio. It seems each class someone brings in a new idea that dazzles us and that move is so exciting it insists we bring it into our repertoire. This week, Patrick found a super cool move that built on a hold that we learned last week.  The original hold consists of lowering yourself in front of the hoop while bracing your weight with one hand holding onto the bottom of the hoop and using the armpit to provide the counter balance.

Brace Hold

From there, you place the hand of the armpit side and grasp the hoop at about the 10 o’clock position and twist your body back through the hoop. As you come through the hoop, you’ll balance on your hip flexor/lower belly area – the goal is to roll all the way so your belly is parallel with the ground.  As you are coming through your leg (same side as your top grip hand) comes up to the 12 o’clock position and your other leg bends in an arabesque position at the bottom of the hoop. Eventually, I want to bring my straight leg through the hoop so the counter balance is the arabesque leg.

Let me tell you – it took us a little time to break the different moves done and it can be a bit unnerving to pull yourself backwards through the hoop – it can also be a bit crazy painful on that hip as you roll through – but wow I think it’s worth it.

I so wish I had a video of how this move transitions. I stole a picture of Patrick working on this during his next class from Tiffanie’s FB page (thanks Tiffanie!) Way to go Patrick! *\O/* (like my pom poms?)

Patrick Demonstrates New Move

We also worked on single knee hangs. So far – that’s one of the scariest and painful things I’ve tried to do. Throwing myself forward in the hoop and doing somersaults – no problem. Spinning and swinging until I’m gonna hurl – I can cope with that. Hanging from one knee while trying to not tense up the tendons in my knee, but knowing that’s what’s keeping me from falling and cracking my skull open, yeah that one took getting in the right frame of mind and not wigging out. After a couple of tries, it wasn’t sooooo bad.  But still … wowzer!! it was not a snuggly good feeling. I think with time it will become more natural – and if I could give up some of the pounds of chocolate I eat each week it would get easier too.

It was a great class and I realized this class series is almost over. I can’t wait to sign up for the next series.