Saturday night was amazing!! I went to see the Michael Jackson Immortal Cirque show with my friend Marti. It was the ultimate impulse buy and I am so glad we went!

The variety of talent and art on display was insanely, jaw dropping overwhelming and everything you hope for in a Cirque show. Best part was – the stellar aerial work incorporated into the show. There was an entire lyra hoop performance to Human Nature. AND they had light up body suits!!!! It was stunning – and did I mention, the costumes lit up???? Seriously – these artists were flying 40 feet in the air – in the dark – wearing glorious light up suits. I must have one!! (Gotta say tho – the floating digital baby in the hoop was a bit creepy – but it didn’t detract from the performance in the slightest.)

It was really cool to see these performers making moves we’re learning in class, but making them effortlessly at what seems like a mile up in the air.

There was also a freaking amazing pole routine performed to Dangerous. That lady was a strong bendy pretzel and I (and pretty much everyone there) was in awe. You can’s tell from this picture – but her costume was so sparkly and pretty. The moves she made were fantastic!

Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour is the official theatrical production by Cirque du Soleil which uses the music and vision of Michael Jackson along with Cirque du Soleil's signature acrobatic performance style to create a realistic concert experience. Costumes: Zaldy Goco Photo: OSA Images\Cirque Du Soleil / HC

Now, I want to take a trip to Vegas and do a weekend of Cirque shows. Who wants to go with???