So – it was bound to happen. Tonight kinda sucked. For some weird reason, a move that never caused me any problems was giving me the yips. And not the fun kind of yips like these: yips. Every time I tried to do the superman move, I would slip out of the hoop. FRUSTRATING! Enough to make a sweet girl like me come up with some creative cuss words. Seriously, it’s one of those moves that I can do without thinking, but Wham! something went wrong that day.

On the upside, I learned a really fun sommersault on the hoop. It breaks down like this: Sit on the inside bottom of the hoop and skooch back until the hoop is under your knees. Then, lean forward putting your face to your knees (if you are bendy enough, which so far – I’m not) with your hands low and in a reverse grip, then mentally cross your fingers, make a wish and fall forward. As you come around, hook the hoop with your knees, reverse your grip to a forward grip and come back up to a sitting position. It is one of those moves that looks terrifying, yet is completely thrilling!!!! I’ll try to get some video posted soon so you can see what I’m talking about.

We also learned a pose that requires putting the hoop in a hold with your armpit and holding yourself up with one arm braced on the bottom of the hoop.

arm pit and hand hold

Pose with arm pit and hand brace

We also practiced this sassy fancy pose. It requires you to drop your hiney behind the hoop, holding with your knees crossed and your sholder as a brace.

Lookin' Fancy

So when you are frustrated, what creative cuss words do you use to make yourself feel better and express your grrrr?