So sore today. I did a conditioning class Tuesday, hoop on Wednesday, and a fabulous choreography class on Thursday. Plus, I’m still using the pull up bar Mike installed. I’m using it every day. The bar was even a fun party toy at my niece’s first birthday. Watching my three-year-old nephew try to do pull up was a riot!

Today was a review day and a day to work on those pesky yips.

A Yip-free Superman

It was exciting because Tiffanie’s husband came and put in a new rigging system which made the hoop spin and swing freely. Wowzer! It increases the difficulty level, but also increases the FUN level. I’ve always said, if you can spin me, you can keep me! It was a blast.

With the hoop higher, Kara is (cause she lurves us) making us approach and get in the hoop from a chopper hook move. When it works – looks fabulous. When you miss, you cuss like a sailor, grab your toes and try not to barf on the mats. Watching Patrick helped a lot. He has a great trick of twisting his feet as he goes under the hoop, pulling his knees to his head and then hooking on the hoop.  By aiming the knees to his head, he gets better clearance and has more room to maneuver his knees onto the hoop.  Smart boy, that Patrick.

The last part of class, Kara had us free form on the hoop with a 10 move minimum. Working those transitions is an important skill to hone and it’s always surprising how many different moves we have learned in the last few weeks. Everyone in the class exceeded their own expectations and it’s always heartwarming to see their smiles of satisfaction as they complete a trick. For me, that’s what it’s all about. Building that power and confidence.

Tiffanie took a few pictures with her camera, and I have a few on mine that I still need to download. Next week I can only take once class, so I want to set a goal and make that class the best it possibly can be.