Today was a challenging day. My asthma made me a little weaker than I like and I was crazy sore from the new pull up bar my DH, Mike, installed for me. It’s Navy Seal Approved! LOLz. This bar is awesome because it has three different settings to accommodate varying levels of difficulty. It hangs between the kitchen and den (Martha Stewart would be mortified, I know.) So, every time I go from room to room I make my self attempt a pull up or a chin up – who knew they were two different things! I learned! And, better yet, I can actually do a pull up or a chin up each time now. The first couple of days, it was just embarrassing looking. All dangling legs, red face and lots of cuss words. Now, I know i can do at least one of each lift. I am also starting to see a more toned look to my upper arms.

All in all, the class was still a blast an a lot was learned. My flexibility is slowly starting to improve. But what really impresses me is how the students are there for each other being supportive and excited when we begin to understand new things about particular holds.

Big win of the day – I have been driving myself nuts trying to do a simple plank hold, when all I had to do was reverse my grip and the BAM it was fixed. I forgot to get a picture. I’ll try to get one for the next class.