Sooooo, I’ve been staying up til all hours watching videos of hoop performances, random tutorials and tiny cheerleader children who swear they have THE answer to helping my cranky old body learn how to do the splits and become more flexible. The cult koolaid is permeating my brain! But I still love it! I think if I hire two horses, tie one to each of my legs and have them walk in opposite directions I still couldn’t do the splits. Grrr arg. Patience is not my virtue. BUT, the hoop accommodates me and gives me other tricks to try while I work on my flexibility.

I don’t have a picture of it, but I will post one soon of an exercise we do to work on flexibility. With the hoop at about waist-high, put the arch of one foot on the bottom of the hoop and brace the other foot on the ground and the start leaning out using the hoop as a mechanism for controlling the stretch. Wow will you feel that the next day. It works great and I’m starting to see some minor results.