By now, my hands are a bit raw – similar to baby alien skin. Normally I am what you might call pain adverse. Pain = sit down and have a piece of chocolate til the desire to cause myself more pain passes. With hoop, all that flies out the window. I actually woke up early on a Saturday morning to try to find a way to bandage my hands to continue working on the hoop.

I found that yoga gloves were thin and flexible enough to not hinder my grip or make it overly grippy to the point that I couldn’t improve strength. Some people also like to use weight training gloves. I tried them on, but they seemed a bit too thick.

This is the brand I bought at Academy for only $12. What a great investment. Saved what was left of my skin and let me keep working out. You can also find them on Amazon. I own stock in Amazon – so buy many, many pairs so I don’t have to eat dog food for sustenance in my old age!!!

Gaiam Super Grippy Yoga Gloves with Pink Dots

Better yet – just take better care of your hands and eliinate the need for the gloves!

Patrick also suggested I get a pull up bar to work on my upper body strength. That and abs are crucial to doing both hoop and pole well and both are weak points for me. I picked that up when I got the gloves. Hopefully my DH, Mike, will get it installed ASAP.